Man leaves work “having a bad day” and buys a Michigan lottery ticket, he later wins a large sum of money

A 40-year-old Michigan man claims he chose to leave work early and buy a lotto ticket on his way home because he “was having a rough day.” That choice completely upended his day.

According to a news release on June 27, he said, “When I scratched the ticket and saw I’d won $1 million, all I could think was, ‘There is no way this is real.'”

Before he truly realized his luck had changed, he needed to witness it twice more.

The Clinton County man informed the lottery officials, “I took the ticket back in to the store to scan it and got a notice to register a claim.” “I scanned it on the Lottery app to verify because I was still unsure if it was legitimate.

When $1 million appeared on the screen, it was an incredible experience! When the man went to claim his reward recently, he was given two choices: a one-time payment of around $634,000 or 30 annuity installments totaling the whole $1 million.

According to officials, he decided on the lump sum payment and intends to first spend the money on a new truck before saving the remainder. The unidentified man, who lives approximately 25 miles west of Flint in Owosso, purchased his winning ticket there.