Jo O’Meara, star of S Club 7, admits she battled a gambling addiction to fruit machines at the height of her career, saying, “It’s so easy to sink into a very, very dark place.”

Jo O’Meara, a singer for S Club 7, has opened up about her gambling problem.

The 43-year-old celebrity appeared on Thursday’s episode of Lorraine to discuss her obsession with playing slot machines when she was at the peak of her success with the musical trio.

Jo said, “It became a bit of a thing,” in her first television interview after admitting she had a gambling issue when she was younger. It was so crazy and stressful with the band that I basically used it as a means of self-escape for a little while.

I became distracted by the flashing lights and trying to find the three sevens or leprechauns or whatever it was, Jo said. Just a little bit too much fun was had.

Jo responded that yes, the band was aware of what was taking place when Lorraine questioned them. Where’s Jo? was a common question as we drove around the county. All would be aware – “She’s playing the slot machines, I see. But I did just that “‘

Jo responded, “I don’t think I ever did,” when Lorraine questioned when she realized it was getting too much. I see now that I shouldn’t have been acting that way because, as you get older, you realize that you can never win.

Jo O’Meara continued by saying that the reason she kept gambling with the slots was not for the money, but rather for the thrill of it.

The pleasure of defeating the machine and achieving the three sevens was what motivated her to do it, she admitted.

When Lorraine questioned her about winning, she responded, “You never win… that’s why I’m here today, to spotlight it because it’s everywhere.”

Jo remarked, “It’s not real money is it? ” when discussing how simple it is to bet on mobile devices. It’s so simple to sink into a very, very dark place when you’re hitting a button. Anyone could experience it. I believe that there is still a lot of stigma attached to gambling. Where people still picture men playing poker or betting at a table.

It’s definitely not the case. The frequency of occurrence has greatly increased. There’s no shame in taking up the phone and asking for help. I wanted to tell people by saying, “I’ve been there myself, I get it.”

Jo described how she overcame her addiction: “I thought one day, ‘That’s it, I’m done. I’ve never glanced at a machine, but I recognize that not everyone has the same experience. You do become engrossed in it. But there is assistance.

Jo initially discussed her gambling issues in a video that GamCare and this week. In honor of their 25th anniversary month, jointly produced.

The S Club 7 celebrity collaborated with Peter Shilton, a former England footballer, and Steph Shilton, his wife, to release a new film in which they each shared their difficulties with gambling in an effort to encourage others to get treatment.

The first time Jo has spoken publicly about her prior gambling problems, she said: “I hope it helps to raise awareness about how widespread it can be.”

Gambling problems afflict people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, and as the use of cellphones and the expense of living rise, problems are only going to get worse.