How to start in Online Casinos

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The truth Behind the Online Gambling Industry


Do you think that playing in online bookmakers or casinos is as easy as pressing the button and waiting for the WIN that will change your entire life?

Ofcourse, that it’s a nice idea, but in reality, it’s more complex than that.

The first important step is to choose the most suitable online bookmaker casino for you.

Choosing a bookmaker or casino randomly by clicking the first advert which pop’s up on internet Actually, it’s really a very bad idea.

Choose the best site

Although choosing an online bookmaker & casino looks really easy, it’s not that easy like you think.

The first thing you have to check is if the bookmaker or the casino accepts players from your country. With growing restrictions and regulations, some good online bookmakers and casinos have withdrawn from many countries leaving residents with a limited choice.

Even more important is to pick a bookmaker or casino with a PERFECT REPUTATION. Even among the big brands, there are some operators who will look for any excuse not to pay you if you win more than a few hundred euros. They have your money in their accounts and not vice versa, which gives them a clear advantage in case of any disputes between them and their players.

Bonuses & Promotions

The times when terms and conditions around bookmaker and casino bonuses were clear are completely gone. The reason is that bookmakers and casinos have to somehow protect themselves from the bonus hunters. These guys go from website to website looking for any crack in the bonus terms and conditions they can exploit to get an advantage.

And they of course need to make money so they try to protect themselves with more and more complicated bonus conditions. That is of course a legitimate way of doing business.