Celebs cannot appear in gambling commercials in the Netherlands

Celebrities can no longer be seen in gambling commercials in the Netherlands as of right now. In an effort to safeguard vulnerable populations from addiction, Minister Franc Weerwind for Legal Protection modified the Regulation on Advertising to prohibit “any persons who enjoy some form of public celebrity or with whom people seek to identify or connect themselves” from gambling advertisements.

That includes well-known poker players, influencers, models, singers, and former and present professional football players. This is an additional defense against the deluge of gambling advertisements that have flooded the Netherlands. Since it became legal to gamble online in October of last year. Experts are concerned that the constant barrage may worsen gambling problems and addiction. Despite the fact that legal gaming sites claim they need to entice consumers away from illicit sites.

“Role models can present a successful lifestyle in a way that is appealing to young people in particular. We’ve seen how commercials featuring positive role models might entice viewers to start gambling or play for longer than is reasonable. I have prohibited the usage of role models in order to protect vulnerable populations, especially young people “said Weerwind.

All promotion of high-risk games of chance, including as online gambling, casinos, and sports betting, is prohibited. The state lottery, the lotto, and charity lotteries are excluded from the ban because they are viewed as less dangerous games of chance. The ban will be promptly monitored and enforced by the Gambling Authority.

Advertising regulations governing gambling advertisements are already more stringent. They cannot be deceptive, encourage improper gambling behavior, portray gambling as a way to solve money issues, or be directed at children or other vulnerable individuals. Additionally, Weerwind is drafting legislation to prohibit untargeted ads for high-stakes gaming.