Australian Gaming Brand BlueBet has plans to launch in three US states

BlueBet, an Australian mobile betting service, believed that the release of its third-quarter results was the ideal time to announce the debut of ClutchBet because Q3 showed considerable revenue growth.

The fascinating digital payments platform provider Dwolla is based in Iowa. And BlueBet is set to start there as well as in Colorado and Louisiana. BlueBet will be the latest foreign company to enter the burgeoning US market.

Milestone move for BlueBet

The company may need to turn outside for additional expansion. Especially given that its winning formula has proven successful in international markets. According to BlueBet’s Q3 report, which shows a 55.1 percent gain year-over-year to $9.2 million in a country with about 25 million residents.

By competing other AU betting services in crucial areas like weekly specials and comprehensive horse racing coverage. BlueBet has developed a renowned local reputation. BlueBet will be hoping that their fundamental formula holds up on the other side of the Pacific Ocean given that US gamblers have demonstrated a preference for claiming bonuses and the popularity of events like the Kentucky Derby.

A new brand for a new audience

Despite the fact that they both speak the same language, BlueBet has decided to launch the new brand. In order to change its Australian product into a distinctly American one. ClutchBet will focus on the needs of its customers, be mobile-first, and provide a top-notch user experience. The company views the client focus as innovative in the undeveloped US market, despite the fact that it may not be all that different from the approach.