As the government pushes toward a cap on casino stakes and a prohibition on free bets and VIP packages, the nervous gaming industry clutches its breath

As part of the review of the 2005 Gambling Act, the Prime Minister is expected to declare limits on the sector due to concerns that the rules must be updated to take into account the rise of online betting.

The Government announced that a White Paper on gaming reform will be released in the upcoming weeks.

According to The Times, measures to outlaw gambling corporations from jersey sponsorship were going to be dropped in favor of working out a voluntary deal with Premier League clubs while still reserving the right to enact laws.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s spokeswoman declined to address rumors, but they did add: “We are doing the most thorough review of gambling legislation in 15 years to make sure they are appropriate for the digital age.

According to reports, the government will unveil measures like “non-intrusive” affordability checks, a ban on free bets and VIP packages for individuals who suffer significant losses, and internet casinos with maximum wagers of £2 to £5.

Businesses will also be required to remove any online features that put customers at an elevated risk, and the Gambling Commission will receive new authority and resources from rising industry levies.

Highest rate ever

One in four Britons now place bets online, according to statistics that the commission recently revealed. This is the highest proportion of internet gambling ever in the UK.

According to a study released on April 26, 25.7 percent of 4,018 people aged 16 or older surveyed have engaged in online gambling in the previous four weeks. This is an increase from 23.8 percent during the same time period the year before and from 18.5 percent over the preceding five years.

In addition, the survey found that 43 percent of respondents had gambled in general in the previous four weeks, which was a decrease from the pre-pandemic participation rates of 47 percent in March 2020. The survey asked respondents about gambling on four separate occasions between June 2021 and March 2022.

Outside of the National Lottery and other lotteries, sports betting, particularly football betting, was the most popular type of internet gambling.

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