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Informing Instead of Promoting

Informing Instead of Promoting

We aim to provide every online gambler with a safe and fair place to play via independent reviews of the world’s best online gambling companies. We give gamblers the edge by providing the best and most trusted experience online all day, every day.

We Tell You The Truth

We Tell You The Truth

While other casinos and bookmakers review websites are mostly promoting and writing about their own casinos and bookmakers and don’t allow you to say anything bad about their sites, we at Gamblers Hood will always give you our honest opinion.

We want to ChangeOnline Gambling

We want to Change Online Gambling

We are here for a reason. After having a lot of issues personally with a lot of bookmakers and casinos who only want you to lose money and will do everything possible not to pay out your winnings we decided to build the site that will completely change the way they worked until now!

Who we are

Who we are is a leading resource for every gambler or sports fan who wants to know more about the world of sports betting and casinos. We at gamblers hood are always objective, independent and true to its users at all times.